A Dog's Blog

If my dog could talk, she would totally have a blog!

Barking - someone's gotta do it.

Say what you will about barking, it's the best way to get a point accross, even when those around you don't understand it. I've tired the cute route once before and found barking produces greater results. Even the thought of a sound gets me going and the hand wrapped around the snout with a"bad dog" thing does not dissuade me - a muffled bark is better than no bark at all. I hate the squirt bottle, but I've learned to bark between squirts, so it has nothing on me. I even bark when I sleep - sigh - I love barking!

Find a bad link on Amazon for a suprise treat!

The lost dogs of the 'page not found' on Amazon is by far a favorite. If you've never gotten a rotten link there, you have to try harder, it's well worth the find. I wish more dogs would showup on more web pages and in more tv shows - I bark at them all! PS: see squirell picture below.

Universal Mystery - the treat - so good, so good

Ode to a treat, so yummy and sweet. Watch me drool and dance about should you place one near my snout. They are the true boss of me, for this I do not doubt. Dam you treat, why are you so good? Wait, did I hear you say there is one about?

The thing about Squirells....

For those of you who are unimpressed so far, I give you the squirell. I'm not sure why I'm always trying to chase them, I just know they should be chased.